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Franciscan itineraries


reccio the sanctuary where San Francesco made the first crib The Sanctuary stands on the place which, according to tradition, was indicated by San Francesco. Furthermore, the Saint set up the first crib there in 1223, in front of which he officiated the Christmas mass and from which the tradition of the crib derives. Above this precise place the Chapel of the Nativity was built, dedicated to Saint Lucia and carved into the rocky wall. Inside there is a fifteenth-century fresco depicting the Nativity. In the complex there is also the dormitory with the cell where St. Francis retired. The Church, called San Bonaventura, dates back to the 13th century and houses the original wooden seats and the choir lectern. The ceiling has a barrel vault decorated with stars and the representation of the Easter Lamb, while one wall is frescoed with the image of St. Francis and an angel. Above the altar is a fourteenth-century painting representing the Deposition among the Saints. In addition to these evocative environments, many of which dug into the rock, there is the church built in the twentieth century, inside which a fixed display of nativity scenes is set up. Rieti - Fontecolombo Sanctuary Saint Francis stayed in the sanctuary in the 1920s and here he wrote the Rule of the Franciscan Order which was then approved in 1223 by Honorius III. The place name derives from a source that St. Francis saw while doves stopped there. The church, dedicated to San Francesco and San Bernardino, was built in the fifteenth century and in the twentieth century the portico in front of the facade was added. The interior consists of a single nave and decorated windows. Adjacent to the church are the cloister and the small monastery. On the side of the Church, a path also starts, along which ceramics representing the stations of the Via Crucis are arranged, leading to the Hermitage. Inside, St. Francis underwent the delicate eye operation. Beyond the Hermitage there are the Chapel of Santa Maria, the Chapel of San Michele and the Sacro Speco, or the cave where St. Francis retired in meditation Sanctuary of Poggio Bustone - Sacro Speco The itinerary that you follow is absolutely between the most Franciscan: opens the soul of the pilgrim to meditation and contemplation, just as happened to St. Francis at the time of his stay in Poggio Bustone, which took place in the year 1209. Joergensen writes: "And if we want to fully understand Assisi, it is essential to follow him up, to that isolated mountain cave ”.